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It is used for peeling the shells of wheat, barley, rye and similar grains and for cleaning dust, sand, small seeds, husks, insects and foreign matter stuck on these grains. The grain is cleaned and peeled by means of self-friction with an intense pressure, rubbing against steel metal anchors placed on the rotor, and rubbing against the knitted fabric of a special material that is rolled out cylindrically on the braided liner suitable for abrasion. The dusts are directed out of the pores of the shirt to the dust chamber and to the outlet through the bunker. Wheat, on the other hand, is taken out by directing it to the outlet in the jacket with the angle of the anchors.

  • In flour and semolina factories,
  • Cleaning facilities of wheat, rye, barley, corn and similar grains,
  • Used in grain storage silos. The machine is driven by a belt-pulley mechanism and can be used with any air duct or a tarar.
Type MFKS 3010 MFKS 3013 MFKS 4013
Weight (Gross) 689 kg 817 kg 842 kg
Capacity (Wheat) 1 st Clean.=6 t/h 2 nd Clean.=5t/h 1 st Clean.=14 t/h 2 nd Clean.=10 t/h 1 st Clean.=20 t/h 2 nd Clean.=16 t/h
Total length 1680 mm 2050 mm 2050 mm
Tecnical Features* Hard Wheat Cap. 1st=5t/h 2nd=4t/h Hard Wheat Cap. 1st=10 t/h 2nd=9 t/h Hard Wheat Cap. 1st=16 t/h 2nd=14 t/h
Tecnical Features** Air Need=6 m³/min. Air Need=8 m³/min.  Air Need=10 m³/min.
Tecnical Features*** Gross Volume=2,6 m³ Gross Volume=4,7 m³ Gross Volume=4,7 m³
Motor Power rpm 7,5 kw 11 kw or 15 kw 15 kw or 18,5 kw
Voltage / frequency 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz
Sort of matterial Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37
Surface Finishing Painted Painted Painted
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