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Since 1994, Başer Makina has been a family-owned company operating in the mill sector. Constantly focuses on innovation from a technologically oriented point of view.

Possessing the spirit of social responsibility that it carries, as well as production, the company completed its branding process, drawing inspiration from the history of the city in which it is located. In the 1950s, Lemoulinfort, which began operating as a flour mill in a city about 15 km from Paris, the capital of France, is now the Basher Machiner’s brand since December 2017.

Our Values

  • Give importance to human health and food safety,
  • Respecting society, the environment and the right of people to eat healthy,
  • Designed to achieve international standards,
  • Researcher and innovative approach,
  • Not only focused on meeting the needs and expectations of their customers, but only focused on more,
  • We aspire to contribute to the national economy with our production:


The company strives to improve the quality of its products and increase customer satisfaction with its 20 years of experience, young and dynamic qualified personnel, and quality service in the metalworking industry.

To be a respected and permanent company in the field of activity, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction. In this direction; In order to develop products that will bring maximum benefit to our customers, continuous improvement will be the foundation of our employees and activities.

Machine TRUMPF brand 1500 * 3000, the size of the table 4000 kW, with laser cutting and CNC, the manufacturer began to provide customers with better and better service.

With our civil engineers and mechanics, we began to offer our customers fast and flexible solutions in the field of steel structures and special manufacturing areas.

Our Corporate Approaches

  • Honesty in customer relations
  • Qualitative-oriented approach in production
  • Satisfaction,
  • Teamwork


To provide customers with high-quality products that exceed their expectations, constantly following innovations to produce fast and high-quality products; to be among the leading institutions in the domestic and foreign markets with its highly qualified and institutional structure formed according to world standards.

OOur main goal is to take our place in the world markets and represent Chorum and Turkey in foreign trade..

Our products are TSE certified.

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