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  • Full PLC assessment
  • Touchy and energetic measuring stainless steel load-cells
  • Sacking into open-mouth packs
  • 4/10 kg - 10/25 kg also, 25/50 kg measuring ranges
  • Programmable set qualities
  • Transport line driven by two rate motors
  • Programmed sack vibration unit
  • Different supporting systems as showed by the sort of thing to be sacked
  • Twofold screw driven by two unmistakable motors.

Single screw driven by two rate motors Simple change,Customizable sewing machine support 13-22 ton/hour stowing limit depending on the thing Framework board in IP54 standard Unique vibration units in regulation, weighing and discharge compartments

Type MFOP 5-10 MFOP 25-50
Weight (Gross) 1400 kg 1800 kg
Total Length Packing number in hour Packing number in hour
Tecnical Features* Flour 360-420 Pk./h Flour 600 Pk./h
Tecnical Features** Bran 360-420 Pk./h Bran 600 Pk./h
Tecnical Features*** Fl. ; 2,2-3-0,75-0,55 kw Fl. ;2x2,2-2x3-0,75-0,55 kw
Motor Power RPM Br. ;0,6-0,9-0,75-0,55 kw Br. ;0,6-0,9-0,75-0,55 kw
Voltage / frequency 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz
Sort of Matterial Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37
Surface Finishing Painted Painted