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It is intended to improve and classify semolina in flour and semolina plants.

The stream rate of item is balanced by method for an entryway, which gives an impeccable circulation of item along all whole width of sieves. The ideal vacuum impact is acquired on the whole surface of sifter by method for streamlined air station and air controlling valves.

Wheat and comparative light materials are kept in suspension because of vacuum impact and transported to releasing channel and gathering box fitted below.The item (semolina) is isolated from grain to be ordered by method for strainers as per granules.

Type MFHPR 46/200 MFHPR 46/200C
Poids (Brut) 1334 kg 3010 kg
Longueur Total 2517 mm 2715 mm
Caractéristiques Techniques* Net Sieve Width = 500 mm Net Sieve Width = 500 mm
Caractéristiques Techniques** Air Need=60 m³/min. Air Need=120 m³/min.
Caractéristiques Techniques*** Gross Volume=8,7 m³ Gross Volume=17,8 m³
Puissance Moteur 2x0,4kw 600 rpm. 4x0,4 kw 600 rpm.
Voltage / fréquence 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz
Matériel Acier ST 37 Acier ST 37
Surface Matériel Peinture Peinture
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