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Working Principle

While the grain is carried upwards with the anchors made of hard material resistant to abrasion formed in appropriate dimensions on the rotor in an angled semi-cylindrical body made of stainless steel, the water is absorbed by the grain by subjecting it to intensive mixing at a measured speed. It is used in grain processing plants to ensure that the desired moisture content of the grains penetrate and feed the grain sufficiently. It brings the grain to be annealed with water and provides a homogeneous mixture. At the same time, a significant amount of peeling is ensured in the grain shell as a result of friction caused by the rotor rotating at high speed.

Application Fields

 ◾ At food industry

 ◾ At the dry cleaning units of the flour and semolina mills

 ◾ At the grain processing plants where moistening process is required

Type MFCT 350 MFCT 500
Weight (Gross) 699 KG 1029 KG
Capacity 5-16 Ton/Saat 16-30 Ton/Saat
Total length 2585 mm 2585 mm
Technical Features* Motor Pulley = Ø125 - Mot.Pole = 6 Motor Pulley = Ø224 - Mot.Pole = 4
Technical Features** Rotor Pulley = Ø355 - Rotor rpm. - Rotor Pulley = Ø315 - Rotor rpm. 375
Technical Features*** Gross Volume=5,2 m³ Gross Volume=6,6 m³
Motor Power rpm 7,5 kw 11 kw
Voltage / frequency 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz
Sort of material Inox 304 Inox 304
Surface Finishing Inox 304 Inox 304
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