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Working Principle

It is designed to give water into the wheat during the tempering of the wheat. The semi-mechanically operating system is mounted on forced annealing machines or internal leak screw screw. The water to be supplied to the system is first filtered and cleaned, and the sensor detecting the flow of wheat delivers the amount of water whose flow rate is adjusted beforehand to the system by opening the solenoid valve, the sensor closes the solenoid valve when the flowing wheat is cut. There are various types of flowmeters, and special types are manufactured according to the application place and flow.

Application Fields

 ◾ At food processing industry

 ◾ Flour and semolina mills

 ◾ Macaroni factories

 ◾ Feed mills

 ◾ At other similar industrial plants

Type MFDM 500 MFDM 650 MFDM 1000 MFDM 1500
Weight (Gross) 12 KG 12 KG 12 KG 15 KG
Capacity (Wheat) 500 Litre/Water 650 Litre/Water 1000 Litre/Water 1500 Litre/Water
Total length 665 mm 665 mm 665 mm 832 mm
Technical Features*** Gross Volume=0,09 m³  Gross Volume=0,09 m³ Gross Volume=0,09 m³ Gross Volume=0,14 m³
Voltage / frequency 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz
Sort of material Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37
Surface Finishing Painted Painted Painted Painted
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