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Working Principle

It performs the task of separating the light grains and shells of the unwanted foreign substances from the grain with the air flow. The grain is spread over the bottom by a vibrating feeder and conveyed towards the air duct. It is washed by the air flow opposite the movement of the grain, which enters the air channel with a homogeneous distribution. In the meantime, unwanted light grains are separated from the grain by moving with the air.

Applications Fields

 ◾ Food Industry

 ◾ Flour Mills

 ◾ Semolina Mills

 ◾ Feed Mills

 ◾ Grain Cleaning Plants

 ◾ Corn Processing Plants

 ◾ Oil Factories

 ◾ Plywood Factories

 ◾ Grain Storage Silos

 ◾ Corn Mills

 ◾ Corn, barley, rye, oats, and so on grain processing plants

Type MFRT 80 MFRT 100 MFRT 150
Weight (Gross) 717 KG 933 KG 1066 KG
Capacity P.Clean.=20 Ton/Hour Clean.=10 Ton/Hour P.Clean.=30 Ton/Hour Clean.=15 Ton/Hour P.Clean.=50 Ton/Hour Clean.=25 Ton/Hour
Total length 1520 mm 1520 mm 2630 mm
Technical Features* Air Requirement =8 m³/min. Air Requirement =10 m³/min. Air Requirement =8 m³/min.
Technical Features** Elec.=3 kw 3000rpM Elec.=4 kw 3000rpm Elec.=2x2,2 kw 3000rpm
Tecnhical Features*** Reducer=0,55 kw 103rpm. Reducer=0,75 kw 126rpm. Reducer=0,75 kw 126rpm
Motor Power rpm Vibro=0,17kw 1500rpm. Vibro=0,17kw 1500rpm. Vibro=0,85kw 1500rpm.
Voltage / frequency 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz 380 volt - 50 hertz
Sort of material Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37 Carbon Steel ST37
Surface Finishing Painted Painted Painted
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